ERP Horizons specializes in staffing SAP Professionals in all modules. In order to deliver the highest caliber of SAP talent to its clients, our recruiters, whom all maintain technical degrees and have years of experience working in some facet of information technology, utilize a highly specialized staffing system. This combination of technical expertise and process enables ERP Horizons’ to satisfy its clients' needs for Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire talent more quickly, accurately, and affordably than the competition.

ERP Horizons' Staffing System is an innovative system for sourcing premium SAP talent for Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire positions. It relies on extensive sourcing efforts, which include:

• Internet Recruiting
• Associate Vendor Relationships
• Incentive Based Referral Programs
• Job Fair Recruiting
• External Networking
• Local/Regional Community Recruiting
• Internal Networking and Redeployment

It also relies on a stringent qualification process, which entails:
• Resume Skills, Experience, and Education Assessment
• Telephone Screening
• In-person Personality Assessment
• Telephone Technical Interview
• Client Telephone Interview
• In-person Technical Interview
• Client In-person Interview(s)

Contract Staffing
ERP Horizons’s Contract Staffing Service enables a company to hire an SAP Professional for a predefined period of time. This service provides customer benefits such as shorter sourcing time, minimal time/financial commitment, and the ability to release a Contract Employee on short notice.
All Contract Candidates sourced by ERP Horizons are run through the rigors of the ERP Horizons' Staffing System.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing
ERP Horizons’ Contract-to-Hire Staffing Service allows a company to convert a Contract Employee on assignment to a Direct Hire (Full-Time) Employee following a waiting period, or in accordance with a quoted fee schedule. This service provides benefits to both the company and the Contract Employee who is seeking long-term employment. Selecting this service option provides the opportunity for a company to assess employee performance and suitability to the position and an organization prior to making a hiring commitment.
The placement process is comparable to that for a Contract Employee, however a candidate's potential and desire for a Direct Hire position with a company is additionally qualified prior to beginning an assignment.

Direct Hire Staffing
ERP Horizons' Direct Hire Staffing Service satisfies a company's full-time hiring needs by sourcing highly qualified SAP Professionals who are interested in becoming an employee of the company. ERP Horizons works collaboratively with its clients to identify their specific needs and then applies the ERP Horizons' Staffing System in order to identify qualified and exceptional candidates through traditional sources.

This service provides customer benefits such as: cost savings to a company's Human Resources department due to the need for fewer internal recruiting resources and lower advertising costs; time savings to SAP Staff resulting from extensive pre-qualification of candidates; quicker placements and increased retention resulting from the employment of the ERP Horizons Staffing System; an increased skill and competency level of new hires resulting from ERP Horizons's access to a larger sourcing pool.

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